Coinbase Custody Coinbase Custody has released a statement detailing its ongoing process of making a decision regarding new assets for storage, in what has become a pattern for Coinbase of recent. The statement, which appears on the official Coinbase blog specifies that the assets listed including Ripple (XRP), Monero (XMR) and EOS,Read More →

$29 Million Donation The cryptocurrency company Ripple (XRP) made a $29 million dollar donation to This unprecidented amount marks the largest sum of money ever donated to  That $29 million funded all 35,000+ of their classroom project requests.  Our donation fulfilled every request listed on the nonprofit’s website yesterday.Read More →

Cross-Border Payments Santander’s UK CEO Nathan Bostock confirmed that it is on track to launch an international money transfer app in partnership with fintech startup Ripple in the next few months. As reported in February, Santander has been piloting the app for 18 months with its employees, integrating Apple Pay forRead More →

Developments Due to the recent success of A Recap Series: The Bear Market Highlighted Great Development and requests for additional development news from other coins, we have published another article today highlighting: Zcash, Humaniq, and OmiseGo.  Yesterday’s article can be found here: Medium: CryptoCoinRocket (Website): Zcash (ZEC) Earlier this monthRead More →