Electroneum Added to Major Exchange

Electroneum Added to Major Exchange

KuCoin Adds Electroneum

Electroneum has been added to KuCoin, the Hong Kong cryptocurrency exchange. This comes at a great time since the launch of the Electroneum mobile miner. Also, the coin has only been listed on Cryptopia and there have been numerous wallet issues. Individuals have been unable to trade, send or withdraw on the exchange since the beginning of March which has sparked rumors related to the project.  


Electroneum Mobile Miner

With the launch of the mobile miner March 5th, 2018, the launch of Electroneum trading on KuCoin is even more important to validate the project and stabilize trading. 

Why mobile mine?

According to Electroneum;

The mobile miner is completely revolutionary way to earn cryptocurrency by “mining” on your phone. In fact your phone isn’t really doing the hard work of mining the coins, that’s already done – this is a mining experience. “What’s that?!”, I hear you say, well, our mining experience looks like a miner, feels like a miner and pays out real Electroneum cryptocurrency, just like a complex command line miner running on a linux computer – BUT all you need to do is click the “START MINING” button on a free app to earn cryptocurrency! These coins are nothing to do with the coins emitted by the blockchain as part of the blockchain reward. Blockchain miners are still vitally important to Electroneum, but full mining is too complex for the average user. The mobile miner is a separate algorithm that rewards users with ETN cryptocurrency at no cost.

Why? Simple – we want to spread the word about how easy Electroneum is to use and get involved with. It’s the easiest cryptocurrency in the world to get started with. Our mobile miner introduces people to cryptocurrency – without ANY risk. We are rewarding everyone who gets involved in the Electroneum project by allowing them to earn cryptocurrency via our free Android app.

Electroneum has been on pace with their road map and future development milestones are soon coming.


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