ICOs: Some to Consider for January & February 2018

ICOs: Some to Consider for January & February 2018


ICOs are coming out in the dozens on a daily basis. So how do you choose which ones to invest in? It requires A LOT of research and that’s why I decided to look for less hyped projects that have amazing products and solve/fix current issues. I’ve made a shortlist of projects and I’ll include how much I’ll be investing in them (eventually), and what I expect the profit is going to be in 2018. You might want to check them out, and always do your own research before investing!




A one-of-a-kind, licensed, financial platform that will fuel the future of blockchain innovation with Innovative Investment Platform, ICO Express Platform and debit card. CoinMetro has a strong team & vision and is backed by FXPIG, a succesful forex broker with 7+ years of experience. What I like about this project is that the token will be usable on both platforms, driving its value exponentially. Besides that, 20% of the net income of MetroCoin + FXPIG is reserved for their token buyback program. I easily see this coin at x2-x3 short term.

The pre-sale has concluded & the main sale starts in 22 days. However, they regularly conduct flash sales, with the next one starting in just 3 days. Check out their website & telegram for more information about these sales. Interested in the project? Sign up through this link and receive 2.5% extra tokens.

CoinMetro aims to offer a powerful turnkey ICO Express Platform that will give vetted ICO’s access to transparent and secure funding rounds. CoinMetro’s team of senior engineers will formally review all aspects of token sale proposals, including project feasibility, idea novelty, financial justification, and legal compliance. It is our intention that approved projects will have access to CoinMetro’s complete Token Express Platform and a dedicated support team.

Through our proposed interface, users will be able to issue tokens and ICO contracts using input parameters. Tokens issued through CoinMetro will be liquid and immediately tradable on the CoinMetro exchange following the token sale. The ICO Express platform will also offer an automatic smart contract mechanism capable of creating smart contracts and deploying them on the Ethereum, NEO and NEM blockchains. It is also proposed that the Token Express Platform will offer the option of including a client’s token inside CoinMetro’s ETCF board when launched.

The Abyss

Love video games? So do I!

The Abyss is a next generation digital distribution platform, delivering all types of video games (Free2play MMOs and cryptogames being a key priority), including AAA-titles, to the fast-growing global game community. Unlike other platforms (Steam, Origin, GOG, etc.), The Abyss offers a groundbreaking motivational and multilevel referral system, allowing gamers to earn from in-game and social activities, and other gamers’ payments as well. By joining The Abyss, developers will reduce their marketing expenses and receive an extra income from referral payments made in other games on the platform.


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