MeetnGreetMe crowdsale opens 27. Mar 2018

MeetnGreetMe crowdsale opens 27. Mar 2018

MeetnGreetMe crowdsale date has been announced

MeetnGreetMe crowdsale opens on 27. Mar 2018.

About MeetnGreetMe

Blockchain based platform for travel services tailored to your needs and budget


MeetnGreetMe aims to bring radical changes to travel and hospitality industry via building a new ecosystem where every member is incentivized to contribute their time, skills, local expertise and resources to the MeetnGreetMe ultimate goal – to put a traveler’s needs and experience first. Considering the background diversification of MeetnGreetMe community, WelcomCoin based reward system will help to foster the interest and spread the knowledge about cryptocurrency and the blockchain technology among the people around the world and encourage local businesses to become an active part of this new economy. In its niche of travel and hospitality, MeetnGreetMe is the first p2p platform which takes advantages of blockchain and crypto currencies.

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