MyCrypto continues to try to validate their Hostile Takeover

MyCrypto continues to try to validate their Hostile Takeover

An Article


On February 8th, Taylor Monahan, the MyCrypto founder, tells her side of the MyEtherWallet split in a Medium Article.

Let me save you the trouble of the 11 minute read and just breakdown the article.

Keep in mind, Taylor throughout the whole article, feels the need to post a "contribution" chart for herself (tayvano) and kvhnuke as seen below.

(The need to post a "contribution" chart, continues to demonstrate her immaturity and willingness to burn her ex-partner to validate her reasons for taking control of the MEW Twitter handle to promote her own project.)


Contributions (One Example)

the self pity game


First, she describes how MyEtherWallet (MEW) was originally a side project for herself (tayvano) and kvhnuke. Why? Because when Ethereum first launched, the only way to send your Ether was via command line and their goal was to provide a simple interface for users. Awesome! No one, absolutely no one, is discrediting this information. They built the program to help a small, tight-knight community and we applaud you!

Now Onwards!

As Ethereum gained traction, and the DAO hack, MEW's traffic spiked, Taylor describes a sad tale of sacrificing her life, marriage and mental health for MEW.

My husband answered as many support tickets as he could each day, cooked dinner each evening, and carried me to bed at 4am… then 5am… then 7am when I fell asleep typing at the computer. I consistently chose “trying to help one more person” over "a few more moments of sleep'. And there was always one more person.

Again, we applaud you! With any new program, service, startup, etc. we make sacrifices....................

She than describes the internal and external struggles of just quitting, but as any "good" person, quitting is not an option. She then provides an in-depth list of reasons...

This is starting to sound like a self-help book.........

The Issue

In the article Taylor sets up her reason with a one-two punch.

Sucker people into believing that all her sacrifices for MEW validates her reason for taking over the Twitter handle in the middle of the night to promote her new competing service and product without the knowledge or consent from her now ex-partner.

She than details a list of goals she is trying to accomplish for "the Ethereum community" and what's needed to achieve them.

If you cut through the crap, the list basically states that for 9 months she has been developing a team to split from MEW to develop her own exact clone but one that can scale with Ethereum's growth. On top of that, her project would be VC Funded (which she achieved) and could meet the needs of the Ethereum community.

I understand in this world that if you're being held back or want to create "your own" you might need to move on. However, I believe there is a code of conduct such as not burning bridges, being amicable during the departure and making ethical choices. All of which Taylor failed to do. Following the Twitter handle debacle, she “validates” her reason as saying it became a personal twitter account and that she solely responded to the MEW community through the account, therefore was entitled to the account and access decisions.

The article throws in more "contribution" graphs, more reasons why she did it for the Ethereum Community and the "logic" behind the way she handled the issue. 

Everything points to "validation"................

The Ethereum Community sees through the BS and is calling her out on her antics and handling of the situation. Definitely not a great start for MyCrypto.

The "reasons" are all far fetched and go to show how petty and immature Taylor is. Her actions demonstrate her incompetence and unreliability. Imagine placing your hard earn tokens and coins in her project? 

Ya, no thank you. 

The foundation to which MEW was built, was to help the Ethereum Community. Keep supporting MEW and boycott MyCrypto. 

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