Narrative crowdsale opens 13. Feb 2018

Narrative crowdsale opens 13. Feb 2018

Narrative crowdsale date has been announced

Narrative crowdsale opens on 13. Feb 2018.

About Narrative

The content economy


Narrative will be the word’s journal, providing a scalable, smart subject-oriented network where the middleman is removed and network members have autonomy in a transparent environment. Existing social networks subjugate their users with ambiguous content policies, providing little to no economic reward for the content they produce. Narrative flips the script by rewarding all of the users who positively contribute to the network. While Narrative utilizes blockchain technology to create a trustless environment for its transactions, it does not rely solely on blockchain for its operation. The fact is that blockchain is a poor choice for content management currently. Narrative will compete with existing social networks in terms of speed, scalability, searchability, and performance and for that reason it will utilize proven content management technologies to ensure a competitive advantage. The goal is not to be the best crypto content economy, it is to the the very best social network.

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