Ripple (XRP) sent how much in 3 seconds?

Ripple (XRP) sent how much in 3 seconds?

Arrington XRP Capital

In a bold statement, Michael Arrington says XRP is by far the best way to move money from one end of the world to another.

Who is Michael Arrington?

Michael Arrington is the founder of Tech Crunch, a global IT magazine, and the legendary media guru of Time magazine's 2008 "100 Most Influential People in the World."

TechCrunch is a major IT startup in the startup and IT industry, with the start of Silicon Valley and the IT industry, with textbooks and IT journals saying that it will succeed if it's put on TechCrunch.

Why did he chose XRP?

Arrington says his company’s first deal involved a transfer of $50 million. XRP facilitated the transfer which saved the transaction an exuberant handler's fee and considerable time.

“Our very first closing was over $50 million, and we moved that money in 3 seconds, and it cost like 20 or 30 cents to move that $50 or something million dollars. Bitcoin and Ether can’t compare to that.”

In a new interview with Blockinpress, Arrington expanded on why his crypto hedge fund Arrington XRP Capital chose to denominate itself in XRP.

"Our company is a cryptographically intensive hedge fund. So I wanted to be the first hedge fund to deal with cryptography, not real money like dollars. And I thought XRP was optimized for this. Although XRP is slightly more central than bitcoin, it is cheap and fast to transfer.


For example, when I exchange money with a liquidity provider (LP), I like it very much. For example, I received $ 50 million at the first deadline, and I was able to transfer this money in just three seconds with a fee of only 20-30 cents. I cannot imagine a better option.

But it's not just XRP. In fact, our hedge funds have a bitcoin more than any other currency."

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