Adversaries Ripple and Stellar  are seen as adversaries and often Cryptocurrency enthusiasts tout one as being better than the other.  Why? The market for cross-border payments, microtransactions, and intermediary currency functionality is huge, like trillions huge, and both companies are tackling it with superior technology. For example, if someone isRead More →

Coinbase Open Source Coinbase announced today their Open Source Fund in which they will donate $2500 each month to open source projects. Introducing Coinbase Open Source Fund — Coinbase (@coinbase) February 7, 2018   The Reason Coinbase wants to give back to the community from which it came; aRead More →

Bank of China The People’s Republic of China with its head office in Beijing City, the Bank of China, ranked fifth in the world and the third commercial bank, announced the FinTech project. The bank revealed that it will incorporate ripple technology into international settlement in the future . The introduction of Ripple technology of majorRead More →

What is Electroneum? Electroneum is a mobile-friendly cryptocurrency focused on securing global mass adoption through the use of its groundbreaking mobile mining app. Having raised $40m in its ICO Electroneum has invested heavily in technological development and now has MOUs signed with major global telecommunications companies, paving the way forRead More →