Washington Post’s Digital Guru Jarrod Dicker is the new CEO of Po.et (POE)

Washington Post’s Digital Guru Jarrod Dicker is the new CEO of Po.et (POE)

Who is Jarrod Dicker?

This is exciting news for Po.et! Jarrod Dicker left his position as the Head of Innovation at The Washington Post to become CEO of Po.et (POE)

Jarrod Dicker's Credentials:

- The Washington Post's Head of Innovation

- Dicker led product at Time Inc., started the native and social product unit at HuffPost, and was one of the top executives at RebelMouse, the content management system that has housed websites ranging from The Dodo to Axios. He founded RED, the research, experimentation and development group at the Washington Post.

Why it matters?

Dicker is considered one of the top engineers and product whizzes in the digital media industry. If he's making this bet right now, we should all be paying attention.


What is Po.et?

Po.et (POE) is an Ethereum-based decentralized ledger designed to track and manage ownership, attribution for creative digital media assets.The Po.et Crypto project is of particular interest to writers because they can use Po.et in the future to authenticate and timestamp their articles.

The core technology of Po.et is proof of existence, the first non-financial blockchain application. It is a platform for authorization and distribution of digital assets, and it aims to become a universal distributed ledger for digital assets including text, photos and videos. Also, Po.et is incubated by a well known media firm, bitcoinmagazine.com, and its token name is POE.

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